Nikki Allen scribbles poems on cocktail napkins, receipts, and/or any other blank space she can get her pen on. She’s been getting on stages to read her work for over 15 years in various places that include St. Louis, Minneapolis, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Toronto, Seattle, war protests, music festivals, charity events, backyards and art openings. She is the author of numerous books, including “Gutter of Eden, “My Darling Since,” and “Quite Like Yes.” Her work has appeared in The New Yinzer, Nailed, Crash, Open Thread Regional Review Vol. 2, out of nothing, Profane Journal(Pushcart Prize nominee '14/'15), and Encyclopedia Destructica. Allen has also contributed vocals to tracks by recording artists Poogie Bell ("Question Song") and Jack Wilson ("NYC"). She loves couscous and garlic breath.


“My Darling Since,” 2002
“Gutter of Eden,” 2004″
"ballet: exits & entries,” 2005
“birds at 4am” (box set of 7 small chapbooks) 2006
“quite like yes,” 2008
"ligaments of light tigering the shoulders" 2014 (Night Ballet Press)

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