Saturday, June 23, 2018

antwon rose jr

There is so much.

I sit down to write and this is what comes out. The so muchness. The enormity binding fingers, doing donuts in mud of my brain. Where do you start? Where do you end? Where do you allow yourself to venture in between this stated A and Z?

There is so much.

This week, a 17 year old boy(a child) was killed by police in Pittsburgh. Three shots to the back when he took off running. The boy was black, unarmed. He was obviously frightened by the situation to take off running, and can anyone blame him? The officer has been charged with homicide. He was sworn in mere hours before the shooting.

Here is a quote from a witness to the shooting:

The mayor took to twitter to stress on where this tragedy happened--East Pittsburgh, he said, not Pittsburgh. His tweet:

"It wasn’t in Pittsburgh. It was in the suburbs of East Pittsburgh. Not part of the city. Not Pittsburgh Police. Not Pittsburgh. Please clarify."

Immediately there was backlash for his comment. He went into damage control. His tweet/apology:

While Tuesday's shooting was not within the city's official borders it impacts all of us in the Pittsburgh region, and particularly those in the African American community," he said. "In my reactions to the incident I should have acknowledged that these shootings affect all of us, no matter where we live, and for that I am sorry."

And then he made sure to pat himself on the back for "holding himself accountable publicly."

Protests have sprung up all over the city the past few days. Individuals sat in front of the police station in the pouring rain. They shut down part of Grant Street in front of the courthouse downtown. On the second night of protests, people shut down Parkway East near the Churchill exit for six hours. On the third night(last night), a car drove through a crowd of protestors. Luckily no one was seriously hurt.

click here for footage/photos from protests

I am endlessly proud of those that took to the streets in Antwon's name.

A poem, written by Antwon 2 years ago, has been making the rounds. This kid was scared of what might happen, what was happening. What happened.

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