Friday, November 25, 2016

So, what happens after a post vowing to update more? Nearly another month goes by, naturally. The aftermath of the election destroyed me, I'll admit. The first few days were all shock, and then anger and despair came waltzing in, drudging up all the old feelings I had long ago when Bush was re-elected. But worse. Worse because it is worse, and worse because I'm older and I know a little more. This world right now...I don't know. Overwhelming is too small a word. Overwhelming doesn't span even half of it.

I'm at a coffee shop editing and writing and editing some more. Plus stalling. This post is a stall, you know. I get swallowed by the sheer amount of work I have saved in the archives. It's getting to the point where I frequently come across entire pieces I do not remember writing. There is something slightly frightening about that. I hesitate to delete a word of it. Even in the duplicates, I bite my lip when I hit the "remove" button. Figuring out the proper way to let go...this permeates all parts of my life, even the poetry.

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