Thursday, March 17, 2016

back when the lopside of bricks went noticed
& puddles mere pools for kicks--
us a group of kids playing grown
posed over rippled reflections, arms slung
with hair juts and hip thrust
sneers that shook our cheeks
teeth still years from busted--

double zero summer sweat funk
wake up bare mattress
sunk couch coffee-slopped kiss
the square at lunch where we'd sit
buzzcut and sick to hear free noon music
viceroy breath between brown-bagged
business suits
and your laugh, the devil
and that heart, a murder

up late to hear so-and-so beat guitar
back to bark
sliding notebooks through condensation
one hand on center of gravity
other courting pen

clear liquor seat punch
an evening that slips egg yolk
down back of car as we
blow the pop stand and blame the muse--
i've gotta go get this down
before it gets gone on me

pocketknives and rooftops dug at flesh
before city burned our ears to the rind

when the best beds were front yards
tilt back necks
we ate


them stars

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