Monday, February 29, 2016

heartache will take your sense of taste. sense of time, switch hot and cold, put food's rot on speed dial. the terms heart and ache are troublesome themselves--there is also a roar in the head, along achilles and on the cliff of wrist. knuckles start to look dumb, but you find yourself staring at them often. those and palms and thinking of all the things. a night's ceiling also gets the fixed eye, a blank reel. eyelash or fissure.

a pendulum stuck in a body. swing low, swing often. swing into flame. feel blood actual boil. stop in random parking lots to breathe fire. forget ground and sky and aim to walk the middle. one foot in front of other. some days are sifted down to this obnoxious trajectory. find absolutely no meaning in silence. build a boat and cry until land appears again. it will, even with warped oar and busted binocular. it will, even if you will it to never. it will, even though.

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