Wednesday, November 25, 2015

at ease.

My overtraining? Confirmed.

Friday night, I hit my proverbial bottom. I've been feeling pretty terrible for the past few weeks, each day a little more in the gutter. Each night sleeping less. During the day Friday I decided it was time to take a week off and rest(hence my last blog post). In the middle of the night, J woke up having a hard time breathing(I think he might have sucked air and/or saliva down the wrong pipe in his sleep). He got up immediately and tried to work through hyperventilating. This woke me up, and I jumped out of bed quickly to see if he was okay. Within seconds of standing, I felt incredibly dizzy and nauseous, which drove me out of the room and to the bathroom. I passed out as soon as I entered it, falling against the sink and counter. I registered the noise when it happened, even though I don't remember "seeing" it(the evidence of falling was also visible in the disarray of objects on the counter afterward). I opened my eyes to find myself on the floor with my head against the cabinet. I roused myself to a sitting position and immediately got sick. I broke out into a phenomenal sweat at this point--fat drops of it dripping off my nose and chin. I left a puddle of it in the shape of my legs when I finally got up. J was getting his breathing back to normal while checking on me, and I was a mess. Shivering, sweating, crying. I was sick again thirty minutes later and slept fitfully on the pull out couch bed for the rest of the night.

In the morning, we called the doctor. I also discovered a decent gash on my chin from when I fainted. They could see us that afternoon, which was a relief.

So. Saturday afternoon I had a plethora of tests done. EKG, nerve tests, urine dip, pregnancy test, blood pressure taken sitting/standing/laying down, and 7 vials of blood were drawn for a battery of tests including blood sugar and inflammatories. He checked my pancreas, kidneys, liver, and appendix. I was also given a referral to the eye doctor--the floaters I've been experiencing in my vision could have indicated retinal detachment(I went to the eye doctor and my eyes, thankfully, checked out fine). My heart rate was good at 50bpm, blood pressure very low(but it always has been), negative pregnancy test, my blood sugar is fine so no diabetes. I received the rest of my blood test results this morning and everything looks normal. Very, very good news to receive.

I haven't worked out since Friday, and I've been feeling a lot better. More like myself. I'm not incredibly fatigued anymore, and I'm sleeping better. I'm not in as much pain, but I still have floaters in my vision which is more annoying than anything. My doctor agrees that I am very overtrained and need to rest.

I'm feeling a little embarrassed and, quite frankly, bewildered. I should know better. I've read so much about training methods and the dangers of overtraining, but my thoughts remained along the lines of "that will never happen to me." Despite tracking all of my workouts, I lost track. It is not enough to simply write it down and do the work. It's important to take the time and care to review your program and note progression...but this review should also include basic common sense and fairness to one's own body. My training grew to a volume that my nutrition had no chance to keep up with. After this week of rest, I will be returning slowly to training. I'm already getting antsy and feeling ready to get back to lifting/pushing/pulling heavy things, but that antsy feeling is exactly why I need to take a moment to cool my jets. Rushing my recuperation will gain me nothing.

If you are physically active, in any capacity, please bear in mind that rest is an important part of your regimen. Muscle growth doesn't happen in the gym--growth occurs during rest, after the trauma of training. If you do not listen, your body will raise its voice until it is heard. My intentions were always rooted in good, but I pushed too hard for too long and tipped over. Lesson learned.

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