Thursday, April 2, 2015

It is Thursday night, which is the start of the weekend here in Egypt. Things are generally more noisier than usual--heavier traffic which means more honking and music blasting from cabs, revving of motorbikes, rise and fall of voices on the street. The wind is blowing so I can hear music from the fallucas on the Nile, as well as the pop and fizzle of fireworks from multiple locations. If I'm not out in it, I like to stand on the balcony and listen to the commotion--the air sounds like one big party just out of view. Senses have adapted--I am undoubtedly used to it. There are days when this place drives me to tears. But there are many times, like tonight, when my big ol heart is booming right out of my chest, completely in love with where I am.

Lately I haven't been feeling all that well physically--headaches that creep around the edges until they bloom midday or evening. I'm not sleeping that well, which isn't helping the head situation. These two things darken my mood. Trying to shake it. I hurt my knee running so I've been trying to be gentle with it--ellipticals, the stationary, lifting weights. The sun is starting to feel stronger here--today J and I walked all the way to Mohandessin, about 3 miles, to replace the coffee press I shattered while doing a batch of dishes. Life in Zamalek becomes a bit of a bubble, so it was nice to walk through an unfamiliar neighborhood. We walked past the Qatar embassy, heavily guarded by cops in riot gear. Life continued around them. The day felt truly warm for the first time in a while.

I am visiting the states in 10 days--my first visit since moving here. My nerves are starting to build, especially when I take a quick mental tally of all the things I will have to readjust to. I'm sure being in a car will be an unfamiliar calmness, eerie even, with stoplights and turn lanes and little to no honking. I will be able to drink water from the tap. It might feel a little scandalous at first but honestly I cannot wait to wear a tank top outdoors, in public. I've already warned my dad that I might go to Target and just wonder around for a few hours. Or CVS. Oh the things you never think you'll miss until they aren't there. I have a little list of things to do and stock up on, items in the mail to bring back with me. I'm looking forward to riding my bike and getting a peek at Ohio spring. Most of all I'm looking forward to soaking up every minute I can with my family.

Also! I love the month of April for a multitude of reasons, one being that it's National Poetry Month. I've been writing quite a bit and look forward to sharing some of it here. A pile of work is slowly shaping itself into something, and while it's a little early to know what that something is, it's definitely motivating me to keep the fire lit. No matter what the endeavor, I hope you're out there staying motivated too.

And now, because it's kitten season here on the streets of Cairo, I leave you with two buds in a planter...


  1. "heavily guarded by cops in riot gear. Life continued around them. " i think this, like the sparrow after the bomb blast, is the most surprising element to hear about. How normal the unrest is.

    1. I've grown used to seeing heavy duty weaponry on the daily--I mean, you get used to it, but never really used to it.

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