Saturday, March 28, 2015

dahab (part 2)

One of my favorite things about Dahab(and there are many): color.

In contrast the city of Cairo is so full of dust and the eyes get used to that--colors are subdued, mute, reduced to little flashes of window displays and busted Fiats. The color is there, it's just kind of quiet.

The birds kept us entertained during breakfast and lunch. Often we would sit outside and watch them time a swoop-dive through the restaurant's door just as it was closing. The ground's stone was smooth, causing their little feet to slide and splay whenever they scurried too fast. They landed on unattended bread baskets and accepted gifts of sandwich crumbs and occasional french fry. On our last morning, one little bird flew right into the back of my head.

In the late afternoon I would go to the gym and run on a treadmill facing the Red Sea. I was elevated enough to see the beach below, but my eyes barely left the body of water. The wind made her extra choppy, creating bursts of white foam at the top of each slight wave.

When I finished my run, I would take the long way back to our room. The air would hit my sweat and turn me into a walking pile of goosebumps. My mouth was a giant blissed out smile. Seriously, my grin was all kinds of ridiculous, but ever inch of it genuine. I'd stop now and then and take a photo as the light slowly slipped behind the mountains.

As with every trip to Dahab, I found myself wishing we could stay longer. I kept telling J that if it was time to check out and he couldn't find me, not to worry. I joked about various cupboards I might be able to hide in...maybe I could make a home for myself in the abandoned building down the beach, the one with the giant elephant.

photo by JG

(Hopes for that particular plan were dashed when J noticed that someone was already squatting there.)

By the time we were at the airport, Dahab felt like a dream. I had the post-vacation blues once we arrived in Cairo, but my blues were quickly dashed by something incredibly yellow:

On the way to pick us up, our driver had stopped and bought himself a baby chick! J and I let him chirp and stomp around on us for the duration of the drive back to our flat. I fed him crumbled bits of oat from my granola and he crapped on my scarf. Time stuck in traffic was barely noticed as we coo'd over this little fella. What a wonderful way to return to the city.

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