Saturday, February 14, 2015

a walkabout

Yesterday, Friday, was Egypt's Saturday. The work week here runs Sunday to Thursday instead of Monday to Friday. I'm still adjusting to this. J and I took full advantage of his day off and went to his gym to sign me up for a membership. Last time I was in town, I worked out in the unisex area--yesterday I tried the women's room(most gyms have a women only area) and was delighted to be the only one in there for an entire hour. I decided to do a leg day--I rode the bike and did reps on all of the leg machines. Tomorrow I'll sweat it up in the spin class.

After lunch and a shower J and I decided to take an epic Zamalek walk, from one end of the island to the other. It was a beautiful day to navigate the phenomenal streets of my new neighborhood.

We took a little break at the Rooftop Bar to devour some cupcakes...

A bit about where I live, Zamalek:

Zamalek is located on Gezira Island in the Nile. Three bridges connect the island with the mainland, so it's a fairly easy cab ride away from downtown Cairo. There are a lot of international embassies here, as well as residential blocks. The streets are mostly tree lined(it's nice to have access to so much greenery here in the desert). Plus you can always find a great view of the water. I never get tired of exploring my neighborhood--you can cut one block in from your usual route and find a brand new labyrinth of narrow street and small shops. There are plenty of markets, pharmacies, and restaurants--from italian to thai to lebanese. It's a comfortable place to live and play. Of course there are plenty of opportunities to venture out into Cairo, Maadi, beyond, but it's fairly easy to stay in the bubble of Zamalek(residents of Maadi often mention staying in the same sort of "bubble" in their area).

recycling pick-up...note the still-dusted car from the sandstorm

And now I'll wrap this entry up...the car will be here shortly to pick us up for another adventure. More soon.

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