Monday, February 9, 2015

the done soup drag of jet lag

These are the jet lag days.

The rule is take 1 day for every hour. That's how long it takes to adjust/shake loose the effects of traveling through time zones. Ohio to Cairo is 7 apart, which means I have a full week to work through it. I'm on day 5. And I'm feeling it.

The first night I crashed due to sheer exhaustion. The second night I woke up, wide awake, at 2am. The past few days have involved collapsing into bed for a heavy duty nap in the middle of the day. All pistons are firing by 5pm. My goal today? Resist the nap.

Due to the general warbly-ness of my current state/time confusion, things have been pretty low-key. J is back to work, and when I'm not napping I'm doing yoga or listening to the echo of my baby arabic here in the flat. Yesterday I memorized how to say "I have tissues," and "I am lost." Last night we met up with a few people at the Flamenco and had some drinks. One television blared news from the soccer riot in Heliopolis while the other two televisions played a different match. Speaking of, I found out there is a group that plays soccer regularly at the British embassy. I'm hoping to make an appearance on the pitch soon. Sidenote: the local market sells soccer balls on the third floor. Give me all the futbol, all the time please and thank you.

It's slowly sinking in that this time I'm not just visiting. I remind myself often that this is where I live now, especially as I find myself frustrated with my jet lag. My body wants to sleep and my brain is slightly soup, but I know this will pass. I do yoga with the balcony doors open and feel a little bit stronger every day. J and I are enjoying the fact that we are finally having conversations in the same room/time zone/city. Distance has taught me not to take such a thing for granted. I'm hoping the mind clears a bit more today so I can get some writing/editing done.

It's a beautiful 66 degrees here in Zamalek. Which means right now it's time to get dressed for a walk and procure some coffee. More soon.

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