Friday, February 20, 2015

mena house, part 3

The Mena House food experience continued into the next morning before our return to the city with the always adored breakfast buffet. You'd have to pry my cold, rigor'd hands off any/all buffet set-ups--I am so down with strange combinations of foods in whatever order I can imagine them. I like a seemingly limitless amount of boiled eggs and potatoes. Mena had a wonderful breakfast, complete with my favorite honey receptacle ever: a giant slice of fresh honeycomb in a glass rectangle, suspended so the honey can drip down a tiny slide into a receiving bowl. Here is a visual for what I'm talking about:

Other wonders at the buffet: the always classic omelette station, a cereal station, fava bean and vermicelli pots(with a platter of lime, sugar, chili powder, curry powder and peppers in between them), freshly squeezed juices including hibiscus, an impressive array of breads/grains, and strawberry coolis so cute that I almost couldn't stand to eat it(almost). They were so delicious that I ended up eating three of them.

We did a little bit more roaming around before check-out...

this is outside the fanciest restroom I have ever experienced

pie slice chairs

lounge area

Until next time, pyramids!

Pretty soon we were back in the thick of traffic, city bound and then home as if we never left it.

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