Saturday, February 14, 2015

I'm quite happy to say I've conquered my jet lag. I'm now rolling out of bed at a reasonable hour, instead of 3am. This morning I've been sitting at the dining room table, writing and listening to a podcast with some coffee and cereal. The sky is blue, sun is out. It already feels like a fantastic day. Conquering jet lag also partially explains my lack of posting here. Now that I'm not sleeping all the time, I'm getting out more.

Some updates:

The sandstorm is gone! After three days of a sepia tone life, the wind settled down and with it the dust. Here is a shot of J cleaning up our balcony in the aftermath.

And the sky above his sweeping, no longer an old-timey photo:

Yesterday was the first day that outdoors felt comfortable, so traffic on the island was fairly intense. We took a ride to Maadi so that I could meet with a therapist. Maadi is in the southern part of Cairo, about an hour's drive from Zamalek. The Surpreme Constitutional Court of Egypt, Cairo American College, and Cairo Rugby Club are located here. A lot of ex-pats reside in Maadi due to the location of schools and embassies located in the area. Here is a picture of the Supreme Court, which we passed on the Corniche. The building is impressive:

photo source: Egypt Independent

Maadi felt a little like Zamalek, but a bit more...fabricated? That word kept bobbing to the top when I searched my brain for a descriptive term. The area was planned in 1905, according to my research, so it is still fairly "new." Apparently they do have a vegan restaurant there, which I'm excited to try.

J and I did our first grocery store haul. The most fascinating section to me is the produce section--in the US, fruits and veggies are straight from a picture book. Perfect shades of purples and reds and yellows, bruise-free, perfected curves of the pear, compass-drawn sphere of an orange. This is not the case in Egypt. Real produce is imperfect. I stood among the fruits and veggies for a long time and marveled at all of the uniqueness in front of me. I found some cucumbers, a knob of ginger root, garlic, some peppers. Yesterday I made some couscous for lunch and made the entire kitchen smell like said garlic, and it was wonderful and felt like home.

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