Tuesday, February 10, 2015

a sepia sorta day

Despite half a sleeping pill, I woke up wide awake at 3am again. 3 hours of sleep before that, plus one more fitful one after the sun came up, plus a two hour nap this afternoon. Oof. Jet lag has not been kind to me this trip. Hopefully my schedule rights itself soon.

Today in Cairo we have a sandstorm. The weather on my phone reads 61 degrees, with a single word beneath it: dust.

I snapped this photo from our balcony a few hours ago. It doesn't do current conditions any justice. The wind is blowing hard, and dust covers everything. Even the leaves on the trees have a layer of dust on them. Everything is more brown than usual, and hazy as hell. I told J it's like we're living in sepia tone. According to the news, the Cairo International Airport is shut down due to the conditions. Here is a shot of Cairo from tnnegypt:

Putin is also currently visiting Egypt from Russia, which explains the plethora of low flying helicopters last night.

J went to work, and a few hours later the doorbell rang. The gas man came to read our meter. I fumbled a bit with understanding him at the end of his visit, when he wanted payment. I was able to make the transaction easily enough, but felt a little frustrated in the aftermath. I know it will take some time for me to get used to how things are done here, from the big to the small. A part of me wishes I knew how to do everything already, without misstep. It's part of the process of being somewhere entirely different. A great reminder that I need to continue practicing patience with myself.

Time to study some Arabic before venturing out for dinner.

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