Sunday, January 11, 2015

moving (1)

My to-do list shrinks and swells. I run all my errands with a pen near my grip so I can take away and add to it. All the big and small bits of preparation for what is now merely weeks away: my move overseas.

As if acknowledging my departure, snow fell a week ago and stayed--today, a Sunday, is the first time the temperature has been above freezing since it arrived. I guess winter thinks I might miss her(though I'm quite sure we haven't seen the last of each other).

This is the part where I say how I feel. I feel way too many things. There is the generic rush that comes with making a list of important things and crossing them off. The necessity of getting things done like certifying mail and booking doctor appointments. There is the overwhelming need to spend as much time as I can with my family--going to spin class with dad, playing with Maddie and Cohen, making my sister laugh as much as possible. There is the intense urge to eat all of the Mexican food I possibly can. There is worry for what is to come--potential homesickness, the time switch/adjustment. Excitement and a bit of shock weaves itself through all of it. I feel all of the things!

This week I had my immunizations(4 shots total, 2 in each shoulder), and found a second suitcase--the same exact suitcase I'm already traveling with, but this time on sale. I'm tickled that I now have matching luggage by happenstance. Next month I will only bring 2 suitcases worth of stuff(and a carry-on) with me--the rest will be shipped over later. Now is the time I call upon any/all of my Tetris-esque skills for packing. I'm choosing a handful of books to take with me--the rest will be boxed up for later. I'm getting a kick out of the sentiment "choosing a handful of books." Since when have I ever been able to do that? So far most of them are poetry(and so far it is more than a handful).

Even the not-so-exciting things(like stocking up on anti-diarrheals) are becoming a thrill as each day becomes a night and then a morning, every moment another inch closer to go-time. It's very scary, but even moreso amazing.

Dang. After all this waiting, here we are.

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