Thursday, November 6, 2014

Dubai, part 2

Getting around was exceptionally easy in Dubai. The metro system is impressive--it's a driverless rail system with two lines functional and three more planned by 2020. They run elevated and underground. During rush hour(in mornings and evenings) there are cars for women & children travelers. Here's a pic of the metro car's interior(not my photo):

No gum chewing or food on the train--unless you want to be fined. The cars themselves get pretty crowded. J and I purchased Nol cards for our trip. You can fill/refill them with currency as needed. They look like this(not my hand, by the way har har):

These cards can also be used on the public busses. We took a bus to The Greens one day, and it was an easy(and spotless) ride. The bus drivers navigate the roadways much like the taxi cabs: FAST. Driving in Dubai is fast fast fast. There is absolutely no other word for it(and yes you have to say it three times for the full effect of just how fast it truly is).

This is a shot of the main road--in Dubai, it is called Sheikh Zayed Road. As a whole, it is known as E11 and is the longest road in the Emirates. The name varies depending on which area you are traveling through. Much of it is six lanes in each direction. I took this photo from a walkway that connected the metro stop to the mall:

A lot of places are connected in Dubai. This makes sense--Dubai is in the desert and is always hot. Some months are hotter than others(months that are, from all my sources, damn near unbearable when you're outside). August is the hottest while January is the coldest(with lows of 66 F). One could go an entire day without stepping outside--a lot of residential towers and hotels are connected to metro stations as well as grocery stores and shopping centers. This connectivity makes total sense in a place so hot. At first I found it a little disorienting, but this disappeared quickly when I considered being outdoors vs. indoors.

The malls here are not like the malls of the western world. The malls have your typical "mall" stores(clothing, books, furniture) but also have grocery stores, movie theaters and entire wings dedicated to designers only. I walked past names I've only heard about in fashion magazines--collections I've only seen on models. It was fascinating to see that stuff up close and personal(J and I looked at the prices of Gucci suits just for the hell of it--we touched the sleeve of a $3,000 sports jacket and my brain quietly exploded). The food court is sprawling and phenomenal(any food you want is there--in the Mall of Emirates we had sushi at a restaurant that looked out over the indoor ski slope). Yes, there was a ski slope. Here's part of it:

We peeked in on a few fashion shows:

Here is(most of) the directory at Mall of Dubai:

Oh, and there's a big ass aquarium:

photo by JG, bc his eye is sharper than mine

I snapped this one:

We would walk miles and miles in the mall alone. We saw a movie, ate italian food, and played in a toy store that spanned three stories. J and I also had fun walking through furniture stores and pointing out tables and couches we liked. The little things we never have a chance to do, being so far apart. I tried not to point and say "ooh look at that!" too much, but it was difficult. How do you not point at a candy store like Candylicious?


Inside the Mall of Emirates:

Some quick things:

Mall of Dubai - world's largest mall(based on area). Opened in 2008. Also includes a 250 room luxury hotel, 22 screen cinema, an aquarium and underwater zoo, as well as (gulp) 14,000 parking spaces. Contains more than 1,200 shops, including world's largest candy store(Candylicious, pictured above).

Mall of Emirates - Opened in 2005. Includes more than 700 stores, a ski resort/slope, and 14 screen cinema. There is an indoor family entertainment center called Magic Planet which includes a bowling alley, 4D theater, and racing simulators. There are also 2 international food courts.


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