Sunday, September 28, 2014

random thoughts on de gaulle

Charles de Gaulle airport is the airport I would draw if someone gave me a piece of paper and said, "draw me an airport."

Structurally, it's quite attractive. Steel and glass, long feel like you're in an airplane hangar.

This is France's largest airport. Worldwide? The eighth busiest. Despite thrones of people and gate numbers, you get used to the chaos.

I'll be here in a few days and I'm already bracing my back for the uncomfortable chairs and potential delays. There is something about airports that flares up my sense of worry. Maybe it's all that coming and going, the (mentally embellished) potential of going the wrong way and ending up in the wrong place. Maybe it's because I'm about to literally ascend into the air, away from the ground(the truth to all of this flying business that still blows my mind.

Charles de Gaulle has managed to trigger my migraines more than any other airport/traveling location thus far. During my first return from Egypt I spent 8 hours there with one that bloomed until I felt blind, stumbling through boarding with a plastic bag open in my hands, just in case the vomit I was withholding made an escape. The shock of red carpeting didn't help. My most loathed De Gaulle villain remains, forever and always, the rows of shops one must pass through to find their gate. So much perfume you can almost see drops of it around you, can feel your body cut through its accumulative cloud. Maybe this area smells delightful to others. For a migraine sufferer, it smells like a minefield.

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