Tuesday, September 30, 2014

On my way

This is my plane. I'll be boarding shortly. If you were ever curious, this is how the meals make it on board prior to the passengers. A tuck bed lifted to the door, wheeled in by ground workers.

I'm in the Cincinnati airport. I've been reading "Coal for Diamonds: A Memoir," written by Beth Ditto and Michelle Tea(Ditto's memoir). It's a great book--I've barely looked up for the past hour, and when J called to wish me safe travels I was a little cranky with having to come out of my book world and back to reality. 

I hope I can sleep on the plane, despite my lovely bookworm tendencies. 

Dad brought me here a little early, so we were able to sit down and talk for awhile. I always love conversations with my dad. I recognize how lucky I am--to have such a good relationship with my dad, to be able to talk about family, to ask questions and get answers. It is always hard to say goodbye to him when I leave like this, but I know I'll come back a better person for it. Long travels are tough, but leaving and returning teaches me a lot...more than I can really put into words. Maybe it's all the time zone hopping, or all the waiting and being granted time to myself to read and think and reflect. I think every person should travel, if possible. Even if it's just a few hours drive to another city. Leave the comfort zone, go somewhere unfamiliar, miss the familiar a bit. Feel the rush of arrival. I don't know. I'm starting to understand the importance behind movement to the unknown. I feel stronger for it, even though I miss my family quite a bit.

Now I will go back to reading before we board. I'll be in Paris around six am(Paris time). I'll write my heart out during the layover, then head on to Egypt. Here's to safe travels, migraine free.

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