Friday, August 29, 2014

bring it on

Welcome to Friday.

I'm sitting in the coffee shop, listening to Liquid Skin. I never listened to much Gomez, but I know this album. I tie it to a time: the time before anything really happened, when anything could have happened. First year of college. First year of getting on stages, driving miles and miles once a month to do so. Hours and hours spent listening to 97X as road bent and glowed the only way a road at night will glow--my 55 mph through space(even more Star Wars-seeming if it snowed).

Anyway. Some of Liquid Skin is in there, baker's string.

The summer is coming to a close. Labor Day weekend pulling up to the front door. I rode some bike trails with my father this week, and ground below cracked and shushed on our wheels--leaves on the path already. My niece is back at school--somehow this little being is in 2nd grade. She likes when I wait at the bus stop with her in my robes and leopard print slippers. If one thing is out of place, she notices(if my hand is empty, she'll say "WHERE is your cup of coffee?!").

I'm ready for fall. Crochet needle is out.

Here, a bit of my summer.

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