Saturday, May 24, 2014

ever the archivist

This is my last weekend living in Pittsburgh. Initially I expected for this to be a very late/early morning Saturday excursion with much debauchery in various parts of the city. But nah. I went way too hard on Thursday night and paid for it all day Friday and some of today. Instead of painting the town any sort of farewell hue, I am indoors drinking Gatorade and setting my alarm for an early morning. I did some more packing and started quite a large archiving project--exporting my Livejournal entries month by month to my drive. I've thrown away so many handwritten, hard copy poems both finished and unfinished--the amount of words alone in trash bags right now is enough to make me hide my face. The incredible number of sentences that remained silently sat upon for more. I am both proud and slightly dizzy.

The placing of objects into boxes and the clearing of space has been inspiring. That need to share/overshare everything flew the coop some time ago--certainly a product of aging as well as the increasing speed of technology. That need, as I call it, has changed. I'd rather explore that feeling within my writing much more than I care to explore it on something like Facebook status. Speaking of Facebook, I found myself tickled ridiculous with realizing that I am friends with people that wouldn't even bother to say hello to me in person. Maybe we all have a column of this type checked, but the more I give it thought the more it bothers me. It seems...pointless? Or kind of like sticking your foot in to wedge a door open that should be simply closed. Or flinging a door open to a room that you honestly have zero interest in. Us humans are funny like that I guess.

See? This moving business, man. It will shake your brain UP.

Renee and I had the word inksister tattooed on each of our hands--mine is my on my wrist and in her handwriting, and hers is in mine. The ink means so much to me, as it is a part of her I get to take with me from here on out. Likewise a part of me can always accompany her. A bit of protection, a lot of inspiration, so much heart. Everything I need for a proper exit.

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