Thursday, December 19, 2013



This week might as well be the one that never existed. I'm here, sort of. But not really. I'm one foot in the airplane, one foot seven hours forward. I'm out the door already. I leave for Egypt this Saturday and the days til then shall be blurs.

I've been running around doing errands, crossing off items on the to-do list(s) and all the while my heart is thumping quick and heavy--swinging feet first from collarbone and kicking ribs. I am drum built under lake; buried far below so the cattails won't shake.

Earlier tonight Jocelyn asked me if I was ready. My eyes were wide and damn near shivering their sockets when I paused there, half out her door, and really considered the question. And my heart was all kick-out-the-jams in my chest. The pounding of it informed the rest of me. You better believe I'm ready.

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