Thursday, November 21, 2013

20/30 & 21/30



when you rolled in
i stood with screen door open
tongue ground out like cigarette
beneath skincracked heel--
heart out in the rain,

ajar world with hip of wind
i feel it
whatever sky-riot marks us wanted;

and thread of static
come marching,
damage done
picked from the trees
our bruised fruit
our heavy mess
our sick bed and torn roof
in emptiness

our story:
cutlass coiled around oak
downed power line
broken neck fence
legs crushed by thrown house


fingerprint slid down side of egg shell--pause. hold that fragment of light just west of your page. put your shoulders against wall, like that. let me look at you. let me make you breakfast. let me leave you alone. i'll write it down and i'll scar the walls and i'll hand over tough. i'll douse whatever stings. i'll dig out the highways with my hands. believe. i'll drag this want through the paint.

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