Saturday, November 9, 2013

09/30 - three poems

I missed a few days of poetry due to a migraine. So today I'll write a few to make up for it. Enjoy.

09/30 - 1

The moon on too much liquor grows infection, pulls away from us embarrassed.
The oceans, at a loss, spill their guts.

09/30 - 2 - I used a writing prompt for this, located here

Of course she was a mess and yes she was sweet. We overlapped one another in a thousand ways--the road map you can’t fold back into place; grass so trampled there is no single direction to take. A public display of wonder, our meeting. We did not touch. Her blues were big and water edged, following my lines as if she might be drawing me.

This is how it begins. Not with a bang but a promise. You only need one to get started.

09/30 - 3
Used another prompt, located here

fix me a plate.
fix my teeth so i can smile like i should smile anyway.
fix the distance between deed and intention.
fix the wet wood so this can burn,
fix the giggling valve of my heart--gum and twine.
fix her wrinkled brow, the split in her pants.
fix my thinking that you could fix it.
fix the missing scars--bring them back i need my evidence.
fix me a bone with marrow showing
fix disconnect by spitting wires--
fix smoking bulbs with lightning bolts
fix their reckless with blackened fingertips
fix tongue on curve, slight to unlock
fix them & those / fix that & this--


  1. The hyperlink for the word "here" is missing the "h" at "<a href=" making it a dead link that needs you to fix me a hyperlink, fix them & those.

    1. I just got my way through some of that blog in the link... I'm taking these writing prompts into my own hands. I'm excited to try this - thank you for that link.

  2. thanks for the heads up on the links, jason! i fixed it.
    rachel mckibbens creates some of the best writing prompts i've ever read. i went to her writing retreat this past summer and it changed my life as a writer. she's one of my all time favorites.