Wednesday, November 6, 2013

06/30: - poem

I used a prompt for today's poem, which is located here(click). This might also be a good time to point out that I'm posting these as soon as they fall out of my head/veins/fingers. No edits. Maybe edits after the month is over, but during November I'll keep it raw.


In your wake
the plants and incense headaches,
fishbowl of matches
from every bar going south on 75.
Scent of body and illusion
like earth herself
crowded in all four hemispheres
before locking the door.

Jewelry and beer.
Magic of photographs with
curved corners.
It fills the mantle and
slithers across floor.
I try to sweet talk a thumbprint
into staying,
loop of your identity
like pattern of lasso or
melted record folding into
grooves of infinity.

Your laugh
pressed in pieces
between pages of my books--
even when I dog ear their echoes
I lose
my place.

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