Tuesday, November 5, 2013

05/30 - poem


In the elevator
I saw a man
who looked like one of
my favorite poets.
I said the name
and he turned,
but it wasn't him.
The man smiled,
polite, and said
"yes, down"
as the car descended.

In the stacks
my friend and I
share stories,
both of us still shocked
by the concept
of love finding us--
as if we were the lost ones
all along,
as if we were the ones
hiding in plain sight.

It might rain on me
when I bike home today.
The sky is that certain threat
of blue.
You, elements, may have me
to the bone,
go for it I say.
May our umbrellas
and hoods be slow on trigger--
may a drop of the river
fall on cheek--

may I never take for granted
the slowness
of this Tuesday--
how the unremarkable
is emerald,
I never cared for diamonds


  1. More often than not I find a poet poeming the daily observation and ask myself why they would allow mediocrity and banality to be acceptable standards by which they write their poems; what you've got here though isn't that and I appreciate it. I'm rarely without my mentor's voice in my head from 11 years ago when we sat in a diner staring at a row of syrup containers; "What are they?" He'd asked...

    Immediately (and remember, I was 19 years old so my imagery was just getting its awkward, waddling, start) they were the unassuming ducks waiting for the hunter to pick them off for their pancakes...

    "Right," he continued, "everything is always poetry and it is waiting for us to interpret it... Syrup Ducks it is."

    I think, when looking out at the daily doldrums and prying it to pieces for poems, "syrup ducks..."

    It's hard to make the elevators, the stacks, the umbrellas, the tuesdays into something that can establish itself as a worthwhile poem. Or maybe it is just difficult for me and I am projecting.

    Either way - well done here.

  2. first of all i was so excited to get a comment on here--I so rarely get comments(which is fine--actually, it makes it that much more exciting when someone DOES speak up). So thanks for that! Plus, thank you so much for the compliment. I was in fact trying to pull something from the mundane--on a daily basis I feel like I find myself in alternating moments of surrealism and logic--the task of getting dressed then the task of staring at my hand thinking of all the things it has touched over time. I want to express that more in my work, I think. Coming from you it is a huge compliment.

    I really like syrup ducks. Now I'm going to think of that from now on.