Sunday, October 13, 2013

Last night I worked the door at an event downtown. Took my manuscript with me after not even looking at the thing for nearly 2 weeks. The break started as an accident and continued due to being too sick to care. Then I realized the break was needed. Last night was a welcomed surprise--more edits done, I read through everything. I feel better about the work. Confident, even. After feeling like absolute death for days on end I needed a good thing like that. A reminder--the work is necessary.

It was nice to work an event last night--it forced me to be social(again, needed). I tend to hermit like a champion, especially after a drawn out migraine. Reality doesn't fit right for a few days. Working the party granted me access to random small talk and lots of new people, but being stationed in one area of the room gave me enough downtime to breathe and observe. Observations: lipstick can be really red, almost blue. A boxer came in post-fight with his entourage. His champion belts sat on a table in a pile, until someone posed with them looped over each shoulder, grin in the flash. I had to do the math on an index card to figure out the cut off year for our 21 and over crowd(it's 1992--HOW OLD YA FEELIN' NOW?). J cut me loose the last hour so I could get on the dance floor, which I had been wanting to do all night. A rum and coke cost 8 dollars(when I winced, the scrawny guy tending bar nodded and said "yeahhhh...they're pricey here."). I drove home after 2am laughing along to a comedy podcast.

I've been thinking about timing--how a lot of things seem to depend on it, how a lot of things couldn't give two fucks about timing or right place/right moment/shortest distance. Some extraordinary things are happening in my life right now--on one hand I believe these things extend from proper timing; on the other hand the timing, logistics-wise, might not make sense. I suppose it's all in how you define it. There is a lot that I do not talk about in this space, on purpose--I find that I cherish privacy more with each passing year. For now these extraordinary things might best be left to the unsaid, the not described. For now I will say I am happy and hopeful. I'm intrigued by the current, and curious about the future in a way that makes the heart beat faster. It is mighty wonderful.

More soon.

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