Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Today, when I've been awake, I find myself reading poems almost like prayers. I keep reading them, digging for meaning, taking in the lines slow and speaking them under my breath. When something rings true I burst into tears. It takes me so long to get through one piece. I keep crying and putting the words down to shove my face in my hands.

I fought a migraine for most of today and during all that sleep I kept dreaming. Intense and true dreams, all about Will. I had to keep sleeping to fight the pain but those dreams keep kicking me out of it. The pain broke around 3pm but those dreams are still rattling in my memory. Friends keep posting their stories and condolences on Will's facebook page and I watch the old footage of his bands and tear up when I recognize his voice. News of his death has hit me like a mallet, soaked into all layers of my earth. Crushed and question marked. Just.

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