Monday, June 10, 2013


Last night's/today's migraine brought on heavy sleep(thanks melatonin) and strange dreams(for the majority of one I was searching for Viagra). The past few hours have been the "fun part." The coming-back-to-life part. These things include: taking care of the trash can full of vomit, attempts to get food back in my stomach, and dealing with the strange twilight-bewilderment that is my head. The pain goes slow, inches its way out into the horizon. It has yet to disappear completely. I had to call off work and I can't afford to. The house will have to stay a mess for another day while I get my bearings and nudge my way back into reality. It's all quiet here, except for the box fan. The cold wash rag has yet to leave my forehead, and the cat has yet to leave my side.

It's been a day, that's for sure.

Coming back always hurts a bit but I'm thankful to return. Pain will steal your compass and run. It's nice to get it back, to find the right direction and get to walking again.

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