Saturday, June 8, 2013

a slice of life

I was dating someone but that ended on Thursday evening. My response was to put on shoes and drive to Ava for the open mic, heart still stinging and radio off because an influence from music was the last thing I needed. Dumped, I told Pete. I went to the mic and hacked off another slice of heart, a marbled hunk that hit and bounced into the shadows. It helped a bit.

These things happen.

I went dancing last night and a woman dancing next to me started waving her shirt around her head. Unexpected boobs on a crowded dance floor.

This thing happens too.

The sky was getting lighter and the birds were singing their good mornings as I was going to bed.

And this.

Renee reached across the table and held my hand while I tried not to cry during dinner.

And that

I wait for my ride to the symphony while my neighbor's television sings. The earth slowly rotates.

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