Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Somehow a week has passed since my last post. I've been wrestling a gnarly head cold for about two weeks. The extended duration of it is partially my fault--I cannot sit still these days. If I'm not riding the trainer then I'm riding to work or playing soccer or hiking in Frick or dancing like a maniac to spotify while my cat watches(I'd like to think her expression is "slightly amused" on these occasions).

Yesterday I had one of those stupid migraines where I'm instantly nauseous beyond belief. I left work early and went right to bed. The cat curled herself around the top of my head on the pillow, no kidding. She always lays with me when I'm sick but this time she singled out my noggin and purred against it until I fell asleep. I woke up at 8pm confused and still achy. Today I'm left with the aftermath, a fogged lens. I feel out of sorts but can't put my finger on it. A threat of panic humming somewhere just below the collarbone. It's there. I'm trying to ignore it.

I have a couple shows coming up and I conjured up all my bravery and sent in my registration fee for the Pink Door Retreat. The idea of attending a three day writing retreat at the home of one of my favorite writers scared the hell out of me. Scared me more than anything, actually. But that fear is the reason I had to do it. I'd never forgive myself if I passed up the opportunity. This is, after all, what I love to do. I'm hoping the retreat will provide me with more direction on my manuscript.

Living, loving, creating, refusing to sit still. That's life these days. More soon, when I'm not so fuzzy.

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