Thursday, April 4, 2013

npm: 4

Wow, alright. I welcomed today with both arms open, wanting a challenge. And gosh did I find it. Rachel McKibbens posted a new writing exercise today and it was a doozy. Here is the link to the exercise:

You start with a word pool, and then you have to use all that words in a 20-line poem. Each line only 8 syllables.

I took a swing. Here's what happened:


fingers through honey, borrow you.
alone, field of your lips i could
crawl through. that thicket tongue busted,
our lungs on pause. we die a little every day.
questions get restless and leave us,
three hundred stung wings follow suit.
we settle distance with riddle,
every correspondance signed with
a pun. place perfurmed envelope
in back with molars. chew thoughtful.
our front yards share a fence, that's it.
your ground fertile, and mine boasting
track marks and tremors, curved keloids.
this heart, she's a crawler, wreckage
be damned. bloody knuckles and all.
there is no leash, no boundary--
heavy in thumb, rushes to you
foolish, hungry, criminal lust--
build you a black hole filled with spit
stir with clavicle, form tar pit.

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