Sunday, March 24, 2013

I spent a lot of time with writing today. I left the house not once but twice to get it done. I gathered up a thick stack of handwritten poems, orphaned by time and its inevitable shuffle of pages and folders, and headed out. Folders scribbled on, folders covered in ven diagrams of coffee rings. And yeah, coffee. I had quite a bit of it today.

I sucked the fat from some poems, layered it like paper mache to others. The ones in need of knuckles or a spine. I people watched and lost myself in music. I went straight in for that feeling and held on.

Note to self: Invest in more days like this.

Thursday, March 21, 2013


Cradling an uncertain house--paneling of cooked spaghetti, windows of yarn and splayed finger roof, rotting. I make do at the junk yard--ace bandage, broken clock, overzealous cello. Repeat as necessary.

Stayed up late to draw you a winter. Yawning as dendrites piled near the boot of my fist.

How did you escape? On hair so long the clovers and cilantro took to climbing and circled her ears like a drain.

Strings dragged through the dirt, a drum kit of cymbals, metronome seizures

blood of hood pulled tight.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

the book i can't stop looking at

Look, I love being a writer. It is my safety, my wonder, my heart. I could never be anything else. I am more familiar with intensity than I may ever be with simple. This book gave me goose bumps--the writer in me trembled at the images. A meeting place of the things I love: photography, history, muse, writers, experience.

The handwriting beneath says: Bob Donlon (Rob Donelly, Kerouac’s "Desolation Angels",) Neal Cassady, myself in black corderoy jacket, Bay area poets’ “Court Painter” Robert La Vigne & poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti in front of his City Lights Books shop, Broadway & Columbus Avenue North Beach. Donlon worked seasonally as Las Vegas waiter & oft drank with Jack K., Neal looks good in teeshirt, "Howl" first printing hadn’t arrived from England yet (500 copies), we were just hanging around, Peter Orlovsky stepped back off curb & snapped shot, San Francisco spring 1956.

The book was published by Chronicle Books in 1993 and contain only a fraction of Ginsberg's photography from that era. Each image comes with a handwritten description by Allen Ginsberg. There are haunting photos of William Burroughs that span decades--from youth to frailty. His face is incredible, chiseled and deadpan. One of my favorites of a young Burroughs:

There was a picture of Ginsberg's room, the very place where Howl was written. That's about when my goose bumps grew goose bumps. There are also images that brought tears to my eyes. Like photos of Jack when he was older, thicker--Ginsberg noticed he looked just like his father. Most pictures of Neal Cassady startled something within me--he's the guy I always seek out first when it comes to this era.

Timothy Leary and Neal Cassady

This simple thing--writers in photos together--inspires me so much. I think of our own community here--how wildly different we so certainly we all love the same thing. When you're in a room and you feel that camaraderie, that energy bouncing from one to the next. That's what keeps me going.

Thanks for the nudge, Ginsberg. I'll nurture and appreciate my fellow writers better than I have in the past. I will also use my camera more.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

next week is gonna be fire

Next week is going to be tremendous as far as poetry goes. Case in point:

March 21st: Eileen Myles. My favorite writer. I was lucky enough to see her read in New York, and to give her a copy of my last book. I am thrilled to see her read again. Oh she's so amazing:

The show is at 8:30pm on Thursday, March 21st, at the Frick Fine Arts Auditorium. And it's free.

March 22nd: Jan Beatty's book release for The Switching/Yard. Jan Beatty is an amazing local poet badass.

She's been an incredible influence for many of us in the writing community. The even takes place at the WYEP-FM/WYEP Community Broadcast Center on Friday, March 22nd, 7:30 to 9:30pm. And, once again, it's free.

Two amazing events in a row AND they're both free? Oh my.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


I seem to be updating my migraine blog(the hemicranias tab above will take you there) more often than my main one...I've been busy adjusting to a new diet, burying myself in migraine research, etc. Making the effort to feel better. I'm also preparing for a stack of shows coming up which tends to pull me away for long stretches of time. I'm making it more of a priority, this writing love of mine. And so far so fabulous. More soon.

Sunday, March 3, 2013


Contents of pockets:

pennies from the 70s
flat rocks, found objects.