Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I stomped through the snow in time to the song pouring through my headphones. Bouncing Souls. I'm just now getting into them--for years I confused them with Collective Soul and kept my distance. I know better now. They soundtrack my walk from the 61B to my apartment quite well though I kept waiting to slip and bust a kneecap on slush streaking the sidewalk. That is what winter eventually boils down to--fantasies of falling. I made it back smooth-quick without crashing. Maybe it was the music, or gut full of coffee. Crossing streets in a blur like a bundled up humming bird.

I'm ready for the winter to go away. This season makes my days stick together. Looking back on the week I have to peel them apart, and the hours are always summarized into uneven slices--eight for work, seven for sleeping, one for travel. Everyone on the bus sits in giant lumps of coat material, our pant hems salted so much they look like sand art. I miss seeing shoulders. I miss those big hits of sun. I miss that chlorophyll.

Until the warmer months come, I sentence myself to staying creative. Like writing a fresh batch of poems for a short stack of readings I have coming up. One this month, two next month and one in April. Stay present. Stay hungry.

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