Saturday, February 2, 2013

gimme a g! gimme an r! gimme an e...

We all have a person or two in our lives that consistently blow us away with their talent. Be it music, math skills, fixing things, cooking, etc. I feel super lucky that I have some incredible people in my life--people that I see doing what they love, that leave me speechless with their sincerity, effort, and output.

This is my best friend Greg. He is one of those people.

Greg is incredibly smart, thoughtful, and silly. He is also a tremendous musician, easily the most talented one I know. He plays keys/back up vocals for the awesome band The Harlan Twins, but he also does a lot of work on his own. I am super proud to be his friend and to bear witness to how he chooses to challenge himself. I could not imagine one without the other when it comes to music and Greg.

For the January fun-a-day project, Greg challenged himself to compose a little something up for each day of the month. Annnnd he did it. A ditty a day for 31 days, and they're all unique & wonderful. I wanted to share them here:

click here to listen!

Also feel free to pass along feedback to Greg himself as I know he likes that. But also, consider this post a reminder to others: when it comes to the people in your life, take an interest in what they love to do. Be supportive. Respect one another for what we all bring to this world. We all work hard and we all struggle with our efforts, strengths and weaknesses. It's always wonderful to have someone in your corner cheering you on. And when it comes to yourself? Take care of your gifts and your own loves. Challenge yourself. Own it. Share it, nourish it. Be proud of you.

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