Thursday, January 10, 2013

twenty the thirteenth

Why hello! Long time, no type. Well now that's not quite true. I've been typing quite a bit. If only you could see the impressive stack of blog post drafts I have accumulated over the past few days. Here we are in the first month of 2013 and things are already gaining speed. The sedentary hubcaps are turning into blurs. Giddyup.

Shortly after the new year my computer finally shit the bed. I've been leaning hard on her for over six years now, so I'm not surprised. I knew it was coming, just a matter of when. This summer I anticipated such tragedy by backing up my photographs and writing. It's a habit everyone(especially writers) should have, the backing up of ones things. Unfortunately the habit took a back seat(in another car completely) after this summer's big swoop and so I lost some writing, yes. I lost all of my music--which, honestly, stung a bit more than the loss of some stray stanzas. After crunching the numbers over and over again, I bit the bullet and bought a new laptop. One that I can afford, one that makes much more sense to me. And I'll admit--it's a bit exciting to rebuild my digital music stash. Slowly but surely.

Another slow but sure task is the tweaking of this website. You may have already noticed, but I added a link to some of my writing at the top of the page. Just click on that there you go. I'm going to update it regularly, switch pieces in and out as they are edited/finished/started/etc.

I'm also participating in Pittsburgh's Fun-A-Day project ( I decided to challenge myself a bit and do a drawing every day for the month of January. So far so great--how did I forget how much fun drawing can be? I have no idea. Oh blending stick, 5B and little model man, how I love thee(thanks to awesome Greg for the drawing tools). Here is a glimpse at one day's drawin':

I'm working on a website for that project--I'll post a link up when it's ready to go.

On the 26th I'm heading out to Erie, PA with three other poets for a reading gig. I'm so pumped to get out of town and read to fresh faces. I'm also really excited to do a little interviewing among the poets on the car ride there. I'm hoping to make interviewing local writers a regular thing around these parts. We shall see.

Somewhat of a rushed update, yes, but it still counts. At least it isn't another draft gathering dust! More soon.


  1. Ugh - i totally feel the pain of losing writing to a crashing computer! Good advice on the backing-up of files! I love the ghost drawinf btw's. - Jason

  2. thanks Jason! I love that ghost too.